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StarCraft Vigour Team
StarLauncher v1.34с with Team/Race/Color/AI selection
21-03-2010 08:04

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: 70
: 24.02.10

StarLauncher v1.34с with Team/Race/Color/AI selection

v1.34a updates:
Fixed a bug regarding program launch failure under Windows XP or below.

v1.34 updates:
Updated UI layout, added a preview panel (map/replay thumbnail, terrain and size, no map name or description yet.)
Added start location selection (still testing, seems no effect?)
Added game version selection
Map settings will be saved in separated sections depends on filename
Removed color name texts (show color blocks only, except Random)
Removed error messages of "Open map file failed" and "Open relay file failed"

v1.33 updates:

* Icon updated, added 32 bit and 48x48 icon (extracted from SC2.exe)
* Unused player slots will be hidden
* Added an option to enable alliance control. (Allow user to control allied computers)
* Auto select last chosen AI while selecting a map file (auto-saved in .ini, associated with map filename)
* Auto select last chosen AI while selecting a replay file (auto-saved in .ini, associated with map filename)
* Auto display player settings (type, race and color. no team) while selecting a replay file
* SC2Ext.dll renamed to SC2Launcher.dll

v1.32 updates:

* Fixed the bug regarding replay doesn't work if no map has been selected on the launcher - run the launcher and directly open a replay = not work

v1.31 updates:

* Fixed the bug regarding AI doesn't work
* Show FPS and Alliance Resource Sharing settings will be saved as well

v1.30 updates:

* New UI with file list
* Map, Replay and AI path could be customized
* Settings will be saved to SC2Launcher.ini

v1.20 updates:

* Added AI difficulty selection support (in DLL method, no map file repacking 8) ).

Usage: Place TriggerLibs folder under Mods\AI\<AI Name>, e.g.:
Mods\AI\Starcrack AI 6.1.1 Standard\TriggerLibs
Mods\AI\Starcrack AI 6.1.1 Cheating\TriggerLibs
Mods\AI\My Custom AI\TriggerLibs

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